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Self-Serve Dog Wash
Professional Grooming
  1. Extra Large- 86 - 99 lbs: $22 - $24

  2. ​XX Large- 100+ lbs: $25 and Up

Self Serve Prices:

Self-Serve Dog Wash

  1. X-Small- 12lbs: $13

  1. Small- 13-24 lbs: $14-$15

Includes: warm water, hypo allergenic tear-less shampoo, aprons, towels, brushes, rakes, dryers, nail clippers, ear wipes - everything you need to wash your dog. 

  1. Medium- 25-50 lbs: $16-$18

  2. ​Large- 51-85 lbs: $19-$21

​SELF SERVE base prices go by WEIGHT and LENGTH of hair! 

High dense hair like: Huskies, Malamutes, Great Pyrenees, Shepherds, etc, will be extra depending on amount of shampoo, water, blower and clean up time.