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Professional Grooming

Prices are determined by groomer according to estimated time involved to perform the work properly.
These are general estimates, prices determined on an individual basis

  1. Large dogs: Depending on coat
    Full Groom: $65+ Bath $50+
  2. Extra Large dogs: Depending on coat 
    ​Full Groom: $80 + Bath $60 +

Groomer will give a more accurate quote once the dog has been examined and handled.
We reserve the right to refuse service to dogs that are beyond our ability to handle or properly groom.

Full groom includes haircut, de-shed, thin out coat, dremel nails, bath, anal gland expression (if needed), ear cleaning & plucking, fluff dry, shampoo for skin type, coat conditioner, cologne if requested.

Bath includes; bath with appropriate shampoo for coat type, coat conditioner, brush out, dremel nails, clean ears, sanitary trim if needed on coated dogs. (Dogs needing extra brush out, De-shed, coat thinning, trimming of feet, tidy up, etc are considered full grooms)

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  1. Small dogs IE: Yorkie's, LH Chihuahua, Pug, Beagle, Toy Poodle.

          Full Groom: $50+ Bath $30+

  1. Medium dogs: depending on coat

          Full Groom:  $55 + Bath $45+

Walk-In Nails
  1. Giant dogs over 100Ibs
    Full Groom: $100+ Bath $70+

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Grooming Estimates: