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Did you know that the Poodle is considered an elegant dog, and is the 2nd smartest dog on the AKC ranking?  The 1st smartest being the Border Collie, 3rd the German Shepherd Dog.

Sue Wade


with her beloved Buddy

Has many years of experience as a professional groomer, vet assistant, boarding kennel owner/operator, breeder/exhibitor of Champion Great Danes, years working with both Dog and Horse Rescues, especially retired racing greyhounds. Tender loving care of animals with emphasis on the seniors has been a lifetime commitment and passion.



Sue at Grooming School


Faithful, kind, considerate to everyone. Amy has incredible customer service and tries her very best to understand how you, the owner, want your dog groomed. She will double check when you pick up your pet to make sure you are pleased. She has been getting extra training for a while now, and is making plans to get her Masters Certificate in Grooming. Amy is the mother of three kids; she has 2 teen-agers and a surprise new born. She is very fun to be around.



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Is a highly qualified groomer. She graduated from Betty's Grooming School in Hillsboro, and worked downtown at Urban Fauna from 2002 to 2015. She has been grooming since 2005, and has been with us since December 2016. She is very good at her craft, and an awesome team member.


After 35 years in the beauty and hair industry, I thought it would be easy to learn to groom dogs when I opened my Dog Wash. Boy was I dreaming. People don't shake all over and drown you when they are wet, or need their ears cleaned, or nails grinded. So, here I am in grooming school, starting a new career and loving it.