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I was a hairdresser for 30+ years; I even owned my own salon for a while. When I retired I went to work in technology over in Beaverton for 7 years, until it got too smart for me and the drive too time consuming. I decided to come back to my own neighborhood and started U Can Do It Dog Wash to provide a needed service in our neighborhood as a self-serve Dog Wash. Soon people were stopping in to see if we did grooming as well. I was totally prepared to run a successful Dog Wash, but a bit naïve in thinking I could groom a dog myself, regardless I tried my best until I found a groomer.  Let me tell you it is a whole lot harder to groom a moving live animal with hair all over its body that would rather play and have fun than it is cutting a live persons hair that sits nicely and cooperates.

It has been a challenging learning curve hiring the right groomers that would be a good fit. I made dozens of embarrassing mistakes and even wanted to quit once. After our customers, and me, going through several staff changes I decided this was not going to get me down, I would start from scratch and make it better than ever. So I hired a Pet Care Professional who made all the difference in the world for us. We added new policies and training. We took our time and did not hire a new groomer right away until recently. That person needed to be a good fit with our team and our customers. We now provide a high quality Grooming and self-serve Dog Wash in our neighborhood, and that makes me very happy.
Sue Wade, Owner


Self-Serve Dog Wash

Dee has many years of experience as a professional groomer, vet assistant, boarding kennel owner/operator, breeder/exhibitor of Champion Great Danes, years working with both Dog and Horse Rescues, especially retired racing greyhounds. Tender loving care of animals with emphasis on the seniors has been a lifetime commitment and passion.



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Amy: Faithful, kind, considerate to everyone. Amy has incredible customer service and tries her very best to understand how you, the owner, want your dog groomed. She will double check when you pick up your pet to make sure you are pleased. She has been getting extra training for a while now, and is making plans to get her Masters Certificate in Grooming. Amy is the mother of two kids; her oldest one is in high school. She is very fun to be around.

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