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We are a full serviceDog Grooming  store



We have years of tried and true experience to help you with, if you need it.


U Can Do It 


​​We use the safest best products available.

A high quality, clean self-serve area to wash and dry your own dog. We supply everything you need: shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner,  We have aprons to keep you dry, towels, and drying stations. And...we clean the mess!


We are committed to making our environment a clean fun safe space for you to wash your dog in.


We supply towels, aprons to keep you dry, ear cleaner and cotton balls, high powered blow dryers and hand held dryers. We are also available to clip or grind nails for $15 on well behaved dogs. 

You do not need an appointment for self serve dog washes, or nails.

Personal Dedicated Grooming

We love your dogs. It is our desire to give you the best possible groom for your dog and making them as adorable or handsome as possible to your satisfaction.